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Deconstruction – Deacon & Usher’s view

September 6, 2008

“Like a Cult”

Usher: Hey Deak, it’s another case of deconstruction.

Deacon: Yep, it’s a lot more widespread than people think.  Fortunately, this one recognizes it’s a journey one must take to deprogram and challenge the falsehoods of their foundation.

Usher: They mention bashing.  Isn’t that the way of America?  We seem to bash everyone based on our point of view differing with theirs.  And then when we find our foundation is flawed, we have no friends.

Deacon: Usher, you just described yourself.  So what do you have to say for yourself?

Usher: I guess Deak, the only friend I truly have is Him and him alone.  My old friends don’t show up unless there is something to partake in (like fresh roadkill).  They obviously don’t show up to see me unless I just come along with the package. 

Deacon: Now you’ve described the majority of all churches.  They are institutions and not the refuge Christ described in the 1st century.  They encourage you to show up so you can be indoctrinated and you can fund their ventures.  Doesn’t mean they didn’t have good intentions to begin with, but for the most part, it’s just a framework going back to Constantine’s time.

Usher: So if we bash those who do such, are we in the same boat as all the rest of the bashers?

Deacon:  Not if you bash them all.  The church structure is fair game as I see it.  The body of Christ, now that’s another story.  Like tThose who call their words annointed, or continue to take money from the poor for their personal gain, should be in prison.

Usher: So what kind of wisdom do you have for this person who now sees the craziness of things like Lakeland?

Deacon: Embrace deconstruction and discover your first love.  Christ will engage with everyone and anyone who seeks him out because he’s touched them.  The desire to pursue Him is placed by Him.  We often get diverted or distracted by the carnivals of man including Lakeland, prosperity doctrines, shepherd syndrome and the arguments of our 33,000 world denominations.  Christ never intended it to be that hard.  He touches us and invites us to have a “personal” relationship with him.  Deconstruction is the rejuvenation of our faith.  It’s here for a reason.  He’s drawing his bride close.

MN Televangelist Summoned by IRS! Mac Hammond (It’s a Conspiracy!)

September 4, 2008

 Usher: Deak, This one takes the cake!  Man, this guy has big ones! 

Deacon: Don’t be rude Usher, you’re getting a little too graphical!

Usher: Let me break it to you nicely Deak.  Either this guy has redefined the defintion of “brazen” or his church congregation has redefined the Webst’er’s definition of “gullable”!

Deacon: What  did he do to get that out of you?

Usher: How about coercing his congregation to give him loans (which they forgave!), with which he bought a plane, and then leased it back to the church at a premium!  It’s like a Guinness commercial – BRILLIANT!

Then Hammond claims there are political pundits behind an audit after he welcomed it only a year earlier! 

He then endoreses a political candidate from the pulpit (against IRS rules of a 501C3 or non profit).

But really Deak, here’s how sees it: Hammond wrote in a letter to congregants that “enemies of the gospel” are behind the inquiry.

This is the quote used in an article where they throw one of the church board members under the bus (convicted for tax fraud and fleeing prosecution) and claims he had nothing to do with their business dealings:  “I think it’s important that I not be embarrassed about the increase the Lord does bring me,” Hammond said last year.

And Deak, this one takes the cake!  Here is is his defense letter which he sends out to his congregation. Here are some of the really juicy quotes:

“CREW forwarded a “stolen copy of loan application” to the IRS”

“mid-level IRS employee”

“perceived endorsement of Michele Bachman”

“our books are clean”

“Those behind the attacks we will identify, for the moment as enemies of the gospel”

“these opponents in their attempt to limit our influence must limit our growing wealth …undermine and corrupt the commitment of the donor base”  (YOU MEAN MESS WITH MY SUGAR DADDY BASE)

“those who labor in the word are worth of double honor” (1 Tim 5:17)  (DOES HE KNOW ABOUT THE SCRIPTURES THAT TALK ABOUT DOUBLE JUDGMENT?)

Usher: Deak – give me your money, I’ll buy a plane, bill you back for it so I can buy the fuel and we’ll call it LABORING FOR THE GOSPEL!   BRILLIANT!

“I refuse to ever be embarrassed or apologetic for the level of God’s blessing upon my life and believe every day that MY PREACHING WILL HAVE THE SAME EFFECT ON YOUR LIFE.” 

Deak – I’ll bet if we traced his family line, it goes back to the lines of the greatest gypsy and carny clans that ever walked the face of the earth!  You gotta give him credit.  He never gets out of the role!  He obviously believes HE is the difference in these people’s lives.  He just took God out of the equation.

“…All monies that Lynne and I have ever taken…compensation, loans, airport leases…have been approved by the Board of Directors”  (Mac doesn’t seem to know that being a member of his own board makes him an insider and violates non-profit IRS code)

“The income generated by the lease….save the church the potential loss at the time of sale”

Deak – Might as well stick ’em for the money up front.  After all, you might not be around when they have to sell the plane and this way you can save them the money you took!!!  I can’t go on – it’s all there – nothing I’ve taken is out of context.  This is either the saddest or the funniest, I cannot ascertain which. 

Here’s Where Your Tithe Goes! 20/20 John Stossel

August 20, 2008
Usher: Hey Deak, someone else actually thinks like we do!!!!!!

Deacon: Go Rusty Go Rusty Go!!!!!!

Usher: He actually put 2 million dollars of his
own money where his mouth is!

Deacon: Too bad you don’t have more money and less mouth!

MinistryWatch featured on 20/20 with John Stossel: was recently interviewed on ABC’s 20/20
with John Stossel regarding the lack of financial transparency
among some televangelists. A transcript of the interview is
available (pdf) »HERE.« Please also see our amplification of the
story »HERE« and a personal note from Rusty Leonard »HERE«.

Modern Day Suburban Hymn

August 12, 2008

Usher: Hey Deak, I stumbled upon this brilliant site that critiques not-so-Godly hymns – I knew there was something that bothered me about some of those old things, and all the time, I jus thought it was the dated music….

Deacon: Irreverence doesn’t really bother you, does it Usher?

Usher: Not really, so I wrote one of my own hymns that fits a church I know…

Oh God rain down more points for my visa
So I can compete with my neighbor Lisa
Just think how great my witness will be
When the heathen are impressed by your gifts for me

Our witness to be seen at the grandest of shows
When we’re adorned with sequens, crosses and bows
The mayor, the judge and the priests will all see
How Christlike we are in our prosperity

We’ll dine with the stars because they surely need you
We’ll say grace with the famous and toast at the ‘fest
We can witness to the finest of celebrity fame
Oh God give us more and more and more in your name