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Another Top 10 MegaChurch – Brooklyn Tabernacle & Your Tithe

August 18, 2008

Usher: Hey Deak, here’s another one of the top 10 “Most influential churches in America” according to The Church Report – and it appears they don’t have any desire whatsoever to tell you where your money goes!

I stumbled upon this forum where internals including those who are asking for accountability have a very lively discussion – apparently Mr. Cymbala answers to NO ONE……

Some excerpts by the first guy who is asking for accountability (obviously a member) and then one of his internal people who comments on the site:

Paul White:Like I said- He’s got you all hoodwinked. While you were working there did you ever see a financial statement that was made available to the public? The answer is no, you never have. So what that he GIVES ALL the proceeds of his books back to the church, he’s said plenty of times from the pulpit that he recieves no salary, so my question to you is- how then does he support himself? The bottom line is this, he has NO RIGHT at all not to disclose financial info. You obviously think that he is above being held accountable thereby deifing him. 

Anonymous Insider:  I hate to say it but Paul White is 100% Correct. BT is in financial trouble. A recent meeting where the Financial Pastor told the leaders “please do not share this with anyone, but once we pay the mortgage we have no money left in the bank”. Some of the leaders in the room suggested sharing the situation with the congregation but The Financial Pastor said he does not even share his financial matters at home with his children so why would he share it with the leaders or the church. They are currently undergoing a construction project worth appx 250,000.00 for childrens ministry space at thier 180 location. Pastor Cymbala has become a fund raiser and in my 25+ years at that church he has never begged for money as he does now. The financail pressure is killing him. He has lost his annointing. In a recent Leaders Meeting July 2008 he told the leaders “This is my church, Things will be done my way, If you do not like it there is the door”. “I do not trust any of the leaders and If you think I am going to hand over my church that my wife and I built for 30 years you have another thing coming” “There is only one choir in the church MY WIFE’S CHOIR”. “I am sending my spies into your meetings to bring back to me reports so you better beware”.