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What the $#@%^ were they thinkin!!!!

February 5, 2009

Usher: Deak, check out this story and please tell me these guys aren’t that stupid!!!!

At least 24 churches in southeast Michigan and 176 nationwide are victims of what their lawyers said is a multimillion-dollar scam that promised educational video terminals at no cost but instead drained several churches’ treasuries and now threatens some with the loss of their buildings.  Read the whole story…

Deacon: I can’t disagree with you on this one kid.  Imagine if they spent time praying instead of listening to some scam artist selling them technology and the “newest” thing….

Usher: It’s actually brilliant – If the government can bilk all of these people out of their life savings and then give it all back to the banks in the stimulus, why can’t these crooks bilk the churches out of all their future revenue?  No stone left unturned…