Predestined or Opportunity?

Usher: So Deak, what if it’s not man’s responsibility to “save the world”?  What if all that pressure they put on themselves is just rhetoric?  What if God pre-wires everyone just as he wants them?

Deacon: That wouldn’t be “fair” in their eyes.  They’ve all been marketed to death with fairness, with liberty messages, with justice.  It’s not any mystery why they keep beating themselves up to be better than the next, or pursuing opportunities that don’t exist.

Usher: You mean sort of like what’s going on in the US?  How all the guys with the money are even stealing from the government and the people still don’t want to believe that the whole thing is a ponzi scheme?

Deacon: Yep, they just don’t want to believe that they might be stuck in a life that isn’t full of fun and pleasure and freedom.

Usher: Isn’t it nice just to be a buzzard?  Hang out, watch God do his thing, and know that the roadkill is from God and not something either one of us can conjure up?

Deacon: The humans have it hard I say.  God must have something grand in store for them.


6 Responses to “Predestined or Opportunity?”

  1. Amy Says:

    Deacon and Usher,
    Excellent such truthful post here! Indeed, I just sigh and my heart feels (justifiably) frustrated and saddened by how many have chosen the greedy life of stealing from the government and taxpayers (bailout) and in doing so, have deeply hurt and burdened future generations by incurring more debt. All Systems, institutions…the Machines of this world are simply run by a spirit oppositional to Father Son Holy Spirit.

    The Truth is that the Machine will destroy itself from the inside out.

    Yet, what enables me to live and walk a divine Peace is simply because of God’s Love. I know that what happens around me cannot take that which is most important in life: relationship with God now and eternal. My Hope lies in Him. He has already won, and we will see the full/complete manifestation of His Victory in the physical someday when the Earth is purified from all Sin and injustice.

    Until then, my heart prays for those who are buying into the deception and those who are doing the deceiving. Father can redeem them…if they choose to humble themselves and “see” His Gift.

    Great post. Again, I always love your humor within such good Truth.

    ~Amy 🙂

  2. Daniel Says:

    So are you buzzards saying that you actually believe that some people will be saved, simply because that’s how they’ve been “hard-wired”? While I agree that it’s not God’s intention for us to put all this pressure on ourselves to “save the world”, saving the world is His perogative…. Do you really believe that God is simply picking some people at random to belong to Him, while all the rest He chooses to exclude? Such an idea is nothing close to what the bible means when it speaks of predestination…

  3. Deacon Says:

    Usher: I’m an arminiast!

    Deacon: No you’re not! You’re a calvinist!

    Usher: You’re the calvinist!

    Deacon: am not!

    Usher: am are!

    Deacon: am not!

    Usher: am are!

    Deacon: Stop Usher, you’re beginning to act like a modern day western Christian – you’re a buzzard!

  4. Daniel Says:

    Should’ve known better than to pose a serious question to a couple of cranky birds….

  5. Mark R Says:

    and the walls came tumbling down …..

  6. Mark R Says:

    I’m hoping you guys are alright?

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