Is Christianity a “credence good”?

Usher: Deak, I was studying how the humans do church and credence good came up in my Wiki search…

Deacon: That’s pushing the envelope just a little, don’t you think?

Usher: I don’t think so – after all, people take the advice every week on what they should do, then they trust the guy giving the advice, pay him huge amounts of money (as he instructs them) and according to the definition, they have no way of knowing if what they do has any affect…

Isn’t it sweet when you can provide a “service” to people who have no way to measure it’s effectiveness?

Deacon: But people don’t consider church a service, do they?

Usher: I don’t know what to call it other than a service.  They bring their kids in for “servicing” in nursery and Sunday School, they call the weekly meeting a “service”, and then they call their members to “serve” for free….What a cool racket…I think we should have a service every time we find roadkill and then we could charge admission to have access to what is actually free….We could get rich and everyone would simply keep coming back and paying us for a good that is “assumed” as opposed to being real…


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5 Responses to “Is Christianity a “credence good”?”

  1. Alan Paul Says:

    I believe the church has arrived at the point at which it is not because of the leaders (though they bear responsibility for whatever sins they have committed), but because of the peoples’ ignorance and apathy. The same is true of our gov’ment and the massive amounts of money begin blown. Of course, this has been true of humanity from the beginning…

  2. francisdrakeprivateer Says:

    From across the pond!

    This Father with his young son sat in the usual Sunday service in an Anglican church.
    The nine year old was bored and fidgety. The Father was also bored and doing his best not to fidget.
    “Daddy, what are all those names on the wall up there?”
    “SSSHHH! Can’t you see, the vicar is speaking.”
    A long silence, then.
    “Daddy Daddy, what are all those names doing on the wall up there?”
    Frustrated, Daddy responds in a whisper, “its a list of all those who died in the services!”
    Contemplation from the boy for a while, “would that be in the morning or the evening services Daddy”?

    The church has done exactly what Israel did in demanding, “give us a king like the nations around us”.

    God plainly said that this was a rejection of God, that He should no longer rule over them.

    Apparently christians would rather have a man than God to tell them what to do. That way they don’t have to live by the spirit. They live by their Pastor, he is a much easier option. Not only that, if they don’t like the pastor they can go along the street and find one they like better.

    Listening to God is tiring, you have to quieten down and humble your own opinion. The pastor on the other hand hasn’t got a clue whether you agree with him. He’s not omniscient like God.

  3. Daniel Says:

    I was thinking about this whole thing a little while ago, while perusing the government pages that describe the requirements for qualifying for as a 501(c)3, or non-profit org. It seemed curious to me that one of the stipulations is that the entity cannot be involved in selling goods, or servies, and I thought, “How odd… Isn’t it patently obvious that services are being rendered? If not, then what are the professional pastors being paid for? If they decided not to show up and preach anymore sermons, would they still have a job? Doesn’t that show that they are expected to do a certain number of things for the people dropping their money in the plate?” Anyways, it seemed pretty bizarre to me….

  4. Deacon Says:

    Deacon: Thanks for your insight Francis and I see it’s pretty much the same down under as it is here……

    Usher: And Daniel is right, if he stopped preaching, the humans would throw them out on their butts and declare heresy!!!!

  5. Mark R Says:

    ahhhh …. I like McChurch better though when it’s supersized.

    Eat in or take away? We got it all.

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