The True Provision “Vehicle”

Usher: Hey Deak, you think people really believe they have the power to change the earth, stop global warming and “preserve” the earth for tomorrow?

Deacon: Many do.  The gospel they know is a much more kinder, gentler one than us buzzards know.

Usher: Too bad they have to deal with currency as their provision vehicle.  It makes all of them trust in their bank account or their 401K. 

Deacon: They should learn the real true vehicle of provision.

Usher: What’s that? 

Deacon: Why the automobile of course.  Without it, there would be no roadkill!

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4 Responses to “The True Provision “Vehicle””

  1. Mark R Says:

    Yeah ban vehicles buzzards should not live in fear.

  2. Alan Paul Says:

    Pretty funny…

  3. Meg Says:

    I once heard a true story about crows living in a city in Japan. They lived on a busy street lined with chestnut trees. The nuts were too hard for the crows to open, so they would line the nuts up at the traffic lights, wait for the lights to change, and then go down and pick out the flesh from the broken nuts after the cars had gone past.

    Talk about God feeding the birds of the air, he also gave them intelligence to open the packaging.

    Pity we don’t have their faith!

  4. D Says:

    Speaking of stopping global warming and preserving the earth for tomorrow… Does anyone else see such lofty humanistic goals as a catalyst for a massive worldwide humanistic movement, that could conceivably culminate the final chapter of history, ended by the Day of the Lord? (or am I the only one dumb enough to risk sounding like a end-times conspiracy-theory freak?)

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