You finish the televangelist’s statement….

Usher: Deak, what if you could be inside a modern church pastor’s brain – what would you really get to know about them?

Deacon: I sense a huge dose of sarcasm – is this going to be ugly, funny or simply “usherly”?

Usher: I’ll finish the thought – you can do it too – send me a comment…..

Creflo Dollar: Give cheerfully and know that God will give to you in direct relation to what you give to Him  …and with the proceeds, I’ll finish my new indoor pool and buy those sweet silver cupholders for my new Rolls Royce…..

Richard Roberts: Dear Lord, let the people give that the storehouses will be full…and my golf locker will have a new pair of ostrich-skin golf shoes to match my new ostrich skin head covers….

Lindsay Roberts: Lord, please help me find a scripture that justifies ……me seeing younger men because Richard won’t do anything but play golf and shop for shoes.

Kenneth Copeland: We come to give to the Lord that  the world may see that God rewards a cheerful giver …and the champagne racks in my 20 million dollar jet will be chilled and filled!

Jim Cymbala: Lord, we come to worship you today  ….with the choir that my wife built!

Joel Osteen: Lord, we pray for those airline people for a change of heart ….because my wife deserves to be treated like a celebrity.  Don’t they know who I am?

Benny Hinn: Lord, heal this person’s physical body  … I can get a bigger donation.  My hair transplant bill is killing me!

Usher: Send in your thoughts and comments………what is that leader really thinking?


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3 Responses to “You finish the televangelist’s statement….”

  1. Mark Says:

    Paul Crouch: Send in your seed offering now so that God won’t withhold his hand of blessing from you . . . and so I can give more money to my son so he can keeping living in his make believe world of being a big Hollywood movie producer


    Keep asking people for tithes for the youth center, the center for abused woman, gangs, a gym for inner city youth, and doing nothing but upgrading your home, your children’s homes, your mom’s home, your Florida home, paying for nannies for your daughters, with church workers, church money…custom built library in your five million dollar home from two members of BT with church funds…..and the list goes on and on. OH, let’s not forget the money from the books you write about others people’s lives and profit from their pain and suffering, and the choir. Also, keep up the propaganda about your son-in-law, Al Toledo, being a man of god, when everyone knows he is an arrogant, abusive, egomaniac, and groom him to take over as Senior Pastor of BT in your make believe world where “As long as I’m ok, and my family is ok, who cares if you are ok?”

  3. Samuel Rodriguez Says:

    Cymbala is still using Church Money. Don’t forget the resturaunt he opened where he used church money. Had people in the congregation work their as part of ministry for free. The hunderds of thousands of dollards that it cost was provided by tithing members and the profits lined his pockets…..opps, I forgot there was not profit, the restaunt failed.

    He also just spend 250,000 renovating a book store that really did not need it. It is all about Image at BT. If you have the look you are in the IN CROWD. They use people and when useless discard them like garbage.

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