Usher Responds to Comment on “Confessions of A Faithful Tither”

Iven Garland |

I have a major problem with people who go against the church. Let your rent be due, lights b off, and no food in the fridge the church will be the first people u call. I’ve seen megq churches give cars ,houses, rebuild homes ,and lives. ” Touch not thy annointed and do the phophet no harm”.

From True Confessions of a Faithful Tither, Kandise Lucas, PhD, 2008/09/09 at 5:11 AM

Deacon: So what do you think about Iven’s comment Usher?

Usher: First of all, he should learn to use spell checker (and grammatical checker for that matter), second of all, a little good doesn’t cover up all the abuse, misuse and manipulation of the naive.  I wouldn’t put any of these hucksters in the category of annointed!

Deacon: So you’re saying that even if they do good – they should go?

Usher: The megachurch operates like a politician.  It’s mornings are spent lobbying for causes it will never fufill, it’s days spent enjoying the good life in an attempt to rub elbows with famous people and “Oh, by the way, give the crumbs to the food pantry”.  In the meantime, they live the life of Reilly flying around the country in private jets (provided by the church) and staying in 5 star hotels at the expense of those poor people who are impoverished because they are giving to these imposters.  When was the last time a politician kept their promise?  Have you ever seen the church come to your side and bail you out of a real problem?  People who read this, please stop by and tell us how you feel – and don’t forget to copy our friend Iven.

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3 Responses to “Usher Responds to Comment on “Confessions of A Faithful Tither””

  1. Alan Paul Says:

    I would refer Iven to a past comment that I made regarding the people who support these hucksters – perhaps buzzards you could refresh my memory – I said something like “blame the idiots who support these fools” or something along those lines… to add to my insult…

    Iven, I now pronounce you Iven the Ignorant for your lack of sound reasoning in the face of overwhelming evidence that these whom you defend are not God’s anointed and for your woeful scriptural application skills in twisting verses out of not only context, but out of the entire Bible!

    Plus, learn to use spell check…

  2. Mark Says:

    I hate to see how pastors, and supposed Christian leaders have taken that phrase “touch not …” and twisted so badly. They have even convinced a large portion of the Christian community of their twisted meaning.

  3. Angela Says:

    Aw… how are you going to make fun of Iven for not using a spelling/grammar checker when you misuse “it’s”? Come on…. 😉

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