Extra Extra! Drive Thru Church Now Opens on West Side!

Usher: Hey Deak, the Chick-Fil-A model works quite nice here.  You know that church that does the video venues for 250K so people can come and worship to a screen!  And if they don’t like it, they can go and get their own screen.  Sort of like a fast food franchise.

Deacon: So what you’re saying Usher is that it really doesn’t matter if people split because it just means that there will be more churches and more tithe and more denominations.  Yeah, and pretty soon, we can just get our dose in a drive-thru and go on about what’s really important – Golf or Football or Soccer or the Bar …….

Usher: It truly reveals the motives of the modern day church.  Money and more of it!  Since they’ve bowed so low already, what’s wrong with a drive-thru?  It might go like this….I’ll take one Podcast sermon (not too condemning), two blessing cards for my kids (they’re special you know), a prayer card for my mother (cause I don’t call her enough), a DVD of the latest worship music (I dig Christian Rock) and throw in communion setups for everyone!  All wrapped up in a nice little case with headphones and a bag of stale donuts and 2 cups of awful coffee.  “America Runs on Drive-Thru Churches”.

Deacon: I can hear it now – “Sir, please pull up to the worship area while we prepare your experience.”


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