True Confessions of a Faithful Tither, Kandise Lucas, PhD

Usher: Hey Deak, I stumbled upon this and I just cannot help sharing it.  She states it so eloquently! 

Deacon: Something got into you Usher?  You’re using suave words?  Don’t go getting civilied on us now!

Usher: What can I say, she’s a PhD – I’ve risen to the occasion just for once!

“Senator Grassley’s most recent actions have compelled me to make a confession as a mega church member. He is exposing what an increasing amount of us have known for years. These “CEO-Pastor- Reverend-Doctor’s” have been fleecing the flock for years.  For them, money does matter, in fact it is the only thing that matters.”  Read the whole post here.

“It was at that point that I realized that I was giving to make a man, his family, and his friends wealthy, not to further God’s purpose.  This realization, as devastating as it was to know that church leaders would take advantage of  generous givers in such a selfish manner, led me to rethink and restudy the concept of tithing.”  Read the whole post here.

Written by Kandise Lucas, PhD

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12 Responses to “True Confessions of a Faithful Tither, Kandise Lucas, PhD”

  1. Mark Says:

    Pastors getting rich off their flock? No way!

  2. Iven Garland Says:

    I have a major problem with people who go against the church. Let your rent be due, lights b off, and no food in the fridge the church will be the first people u call. I’ve seen megq churches give cars ,houses, rebuild homes ,and lives. ” Touch not thy annointed and do the phophet no harm”.

  3. Deacon Says:

    Deacon: So what do you think about Iven’s comment Usher?

    Usher: First of all, he should learn to use spell checker (and grammatical checker for that matter), second of all, a little good doesn’t cover up all the abuse, misuse and manipulation of the naive. I wouldn’t put any of these hucksters in the category of annointed!

    Deacon: So you’re saying that even if they do good – they should go?

    Usher: The megachurch operates like a politician. It’s mornings are spent lobbying for causes it will never fufill, it’s days spent enjoying the good life in an attempt to rub elbows with famous people and “Oh, by the way, give the crumbs to the food pantry”. In the meantime, they live the life of Reilly flying around the country and staying in 5 star hotels at the expense of those poor people who are impoverished because they are giving to these imposters.

  4. Usher Responds to Comment on “Confessions of A Faithful Tither” « Says:

    […] True Confessions of a Faithful Tither, Kandise Lucas, PhD, 2008/09/09 at 5:11 […]

  5. Paul White Says:

    I wish the educated in my Church would start waking up like Kandis here. But then again that would mean that they would have to give up their status as VIP’S, so I guess it ain’t happening.

  6. Paul White Says:

    They got rid of the the food distribution program at our Church. Under the premise that we need to focus on ministries that we’re good at. The reality is , is that poor converts don’t bring much to the table, they just end up overburdening the associate pastors. The Brooklyn Tabernacle needs a phone call from sen. Grassley to wake them up.

  7. Deacon Says:

    Usher: Until one has nothing material to lose, they cannot truly bring lasting change against corruption and deceit. It won’t be those who have pursued the model of academia who will change the church, unless they’re willing to flush their pedigrees and their dreams and their houses and their conveniences and their preferences. It will be the one without pedigree who can speak up as long as it’s truth. When the attack turns onto them, the wealthy and the rulers cannot ruin them materially. Their only recourse is to squelch the voice. Sound familiar?

  8. The Church Lady Says:

    Kandise said:

    These “CEO-Pastor- Reverend-Doctor’s” have been fleecing the flock for years. For them, money does matter; in fact it is the only thing that matters.” Read the whole post here.

    “It was at that point that I realized that I was giving to make a man, his family, and his friends wealthy, not to further God’s purpose.

    Sounds like she is speaking of the renowned “Brooklyn Tabernacle”. The Pastor lives in a $5,000,000.00 home.

    His parishioners are mainly lower to lower/middle class African Americans who struggle from pay check to pay check.

    This is a family business and the only ones to profit from all of the books, DVDs, choir albums are the family members.

    Yet not one choir member, nor people featured in the DVDs, nor the people written about in the books will see a penny of that money. (Though the revenues from these items run in the millions).

    It is a kingdom and the Senior Pastor is the “KING”.

    Never to be questioned, most that have are no longer there.

    Never to be confronted, most that have are no longer there.

    It is a little dictatorship and it is actually run very well. I am impressed by the loyalty of those who stand by this man and never question him. He can do no wrong in their eyes. He is no fool. He knows just how to seduce them with his spiritual charm. He is like a smooth politician. He is very good. But those in the inner circle have seen the hypocrisy yet some still choose to stay.

    All is done in the name of Jesus. But very little is done in the Spirit of Jesus.

    This is the famous Brooklyn Tabernacle.

    Those in leadership who thrive to be more are stifled. There are so many capable leaders and preachers. Yet the pulpit is filled with “Super Star Christians”. They are brought from the outside because he trusts nobody on the inside.

    If he, as a leader, has no one who is capable to preach or trustworthy to lead; that alone shows that his leadership skills are sorely lacking. A good preacher does not necessarily make a good leader. A leader builds, encourages, trains, disciples people to be the next generation leaders.

    But you will not find that at BT. The next generation leader at BT will be a family member. That is usually how family businesses work. But for the basic member, you get saved, join the church, a broom is put in your hand, and all you ever hear after that is: serve, serve, and serve. And let’s not forget give, give, and give. All the serving and giving seems to benefit the church and the leaders position. BT is a mega church, with a mega choir, with mega pastor with mega guest singers and mega guest speakers, with one MEGA flaw. People are not being molded and fashioned into leaders, puppets, yes, leaders, no. Those who have thrived were chased out (A recent Youth Pastor). Those who desire to thrive and preach are accused of being to anxious and told to “get in line”.

    Recently a “superstar ex NFL player” was hired lead the youth. He only shows up 4 days a week and is not around on the weekends, when the youth need him the most.

    He is a good man but more of a motivational speaker than a teacher.

    A church of 6000 people and you cannot find one youth leader to lead? That is bizarre. The church is total void of discipleship or mentoring.

    It is packed with “big events”, top name people from around the world. But the youth need more than “DRAMA” to ground them in the word.

    This is the Famous Brooklyn Tabernacle

    A mile wide, and an inch deep

  9. Esther Says:

    After reading all these posts blogged, it saddened me to know that mature christians would have the time to write so negatively about a church, let alone a pastor. Even if you feel that you are speaking the truth, think about the many people who will read these blogs, including non-believers. How are we suppose to preach that “God is Love” when nothing but negativity is being said? I have learned to do all my talking to my God because he is the only one that can change and fix any and all situations. One day we all have to give account to God for our actions and reactions , including causing someone to fall or turn away from the Lord. As christians let’s do things differently, let’s speak positive things and give God the things that hurt us, you will see how God will turn things around. I love my church, I love my christian brothers and sisters, I love my pastors and I know that they are not perfect. None of us are, but that’s why we have to keep our leadership in prayer. Imagine if Christ came down and broadcasted all our flaws, exposed every thing we did, wow, how do you think your friends would see you then? People lets grow up and just leave all situations to God-He has everything in control and he alone will fix whatever sitaution we are asking him to fix. Let’s keep in mind that many non believers are always looking for an excuse not to believe in the Lord, let’s not give them another excuse or reason to continue to look away. Let’s give them
    In Christ
    Esther (a current member)

    • Deacon Says:

      Usher: Hey Deak, another person who denies the real reason churches take people form money!

      Deacon: Doesn’t she know that Christ threw people like we have in the church today out of the temple for doing wrong things in the name of Christ?

      Usher: She actually believes that anything that is not in accord with what she perceives to be “truth” must fall into the category of negative! What if Christ came down and revealed to her that 99% of everything she was taught was wrong? Then everything she thinks is negative would be positive!

      Deacon: That’s why the church continues to deceive. If you speak against the status quo, you’re a malcontent, a disgruntled one who sows discord.

      Usher: Such a sorry way to be. Don’t speak up even if it’s wrong. I think that’s why the humans are in such trouble with the economy. They deny that anything is wrong until it’s too late and then they all pay the price of a few greedy and opportunistic manipulative crooks……and some of them are truly preachers and pastors!

  10. karl Says:

    I am not one who would judge but if the things that are being said about the church is true, it will one day be exposed just like false prophets of the past. (you know who they are). they will have to answer to only God.

  11. Bill Iskra Says:

    I am one who likes to give beyond a tithe but I have a problem with the idea that people who have more than 90 percent of their income going out for expenses each month are expected to give 10 percent of their gross income . It can be an extreme hardship especially for someone who has a percentage of their income taken out for a retirement fund which is mandatory in addition to health insurance . When I refer to necessities , I am not referring to recreation , eating at restaurants , or anything that a person can do without . I am simply referring to people , especially those with children trying to pay their bills . I realize that there are Scriptural views that people have regarding New Testament tithing and I do not wish to debate the matter but I do know that many people tithe and end up with serious financial problems because they gave money which was not there to give . I used to work with a man who told me that his check for tihes was returned for insufficient funds . I am sure that there are many stories like this . I personally believe that giving comes from the heart and the Holy Spirit guides someone as to how much they can afford to give . For some people , 20 percent may be affordable to them and if they are giving from their heart , the Holy Spirit will certainly confirm that in them . However , I cannot believe that the Holy Spirit will guide anyone to give money that they do not have knowing that there are going to be consequences . When a person works to provide necessities , I find it absurd that they are supposed to neglect their necessities so that they can give at least 10 % of their income to a church . I am sorry but I do not find any Scriptural basis for that . If someone does , that is fine with me but I am willing to bet that it is not someone who continually has over 90 % of their net income going out each month . Surely , everyone who gives 10 % faithfully and suffers financially because they did not have 10 % to give cannot all be lacking in faith .

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