Here’s Where Your Tithe Goes! 20/20 John Stossel

Usher: Hey Deak, someone else actually thinks like we do!!!!!!

Deacon: Go Rusty Go Rusty Go!!!!!!

Usher: He actually put 2 million dollars of his
own money where his mouth is!

Deacon: Too bad you don’t have more money and less mouth!

MinistryWatch featured on 20/20 with John Stossel: was recently interviewed on ABC’s 20/20
with John Stossel regarding the lack of financial transparency
among some televangelists. A transcript of the interview is
available (pdf) »HERE.« Please also see our amplification of the
story »HERE« and a personal note from Rusty Leonard »HERE«.

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One Response to “Here’s Where Your Tithe Goes! 20/20 John Stossel”

  1. geopam Says:

    Very good information.

    With fear and tembleing I check out my primary ministry of interest and saw they had received an A rating and a very positive review in many respects.
    From Ministry Watch:
    Concluding Notes
    On the whole, NAV appears to exemplify a positive mixture of diversity (its multi-faceted, contextualized, ministry programs) and unity (a common commitment to the message of Jesus Christ, and a common emphasis on one-to-one discipleship) in the ways it implements its mission of helping people know Christ and become his disciples.

    Currently, there is a trend among evangelical Christian organizations towards “holistic,” group-oriented ministry. Such ministries focus upon doing social good works on a large scale, as a good thing in itself and as a kind of witness to the Gospel. While such efforts are valuable and sorely needed, it remains true that the principle goal of the church is to make disciples of all the nations; that is, to equip and encourage them to “navigate spiritually.” The Navigators, through intentional disciple making and with respect for diversity, is a prime example of a major evangelical ministry that is attempting to fulfill the Great Commission (Mt. 28:18-20) in a direct manner- one person at a time.

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