Deacon & Usher T-Shirts Cont’d

Usher: Hey Deak, you have fun answerin’ all the emails about the shirts?

Deacon: Not really Usher, you’re not making any friends

Usher: Friends?  Show me a buzzard with more than one friend and I’ll show you a hungry buzzard!

The Three Perpetual States to Church Growth

The Three Perpetual States to Church Growth


Who Should Pay Whom?

Who Should Pay Whom?


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11 Responses to “Deacon & Usher T-Shirts Cont’d”

  1. Adam Says:

    Not a pastor but:
    Who do I call in the middle of the night when I want someone to pray with?
    Who visits those in the hospital while I’m at my own job?
    Who goes and cuts some of the widow’s yards because I need to cut my own? Oh yeah then goes back to the church to cut the grass there too.
    Who’s among the first to show up when my wife goes into labor with my first born?
    Who’s the first to know when someone dies?
    Who can I go to in confidence when I need spiritual counseling, because I trust that he will tell me straight up what is right, even when I may not want to hear it?
    Who has to field the calls from the missionaries out of the country asking for money to fly their sick child home for US care?

    Sorry, I guess my church is smaller ’cause we don’t have a big staff (a full time pastor and a few other part timers), but I think I’m getting a deal.

    Sure, he has a few faults. So do I. He’s managed to look past mine so I think I’ll just err on the side of grace and do the same.

  2. Mark R Says:

    keep em comming – I love them ….
    BTW – I put one of your previous pics on my blog, you were acknowledged.

    Not in the business of “making” friends …

  3. Mark R Says:

    Love these pics …
    I stole one from yesterday and posted it, you were acknowledged.

  4. lionelwoods7 Says:

    Hey Adam,

    No offfence but my answer to who does that is……. The Church!

  5. Deacon Says:

    Usher: Thanks Mark – You’re the best!

    Deacon: Yeah Man!

  6. Mike Says:

    These are great pics. Would you mind if I took some and used them in blog posts?

  7. Deacon Says:

    Usher: Please do – post them anywhere you like – link it back – get the word out. And don’t forget to tell people you got ’em from a couple of buzzards….hahahahahahahaha

  8. Seriously? Says:

    Do you seriously think the only thing a Pastor does during a week is 1, 1 hour sermon. What about the planning, the prayer, the prep, the prayer, the counseling, the paperwork, the evangelism, THE PRAYER, the studying, the small groups, the Bible studies, the prayer meeting. Trust me they work more than 40 hours a week.
    That statement alone shows a lot of ignorance on your part.

  9. Seriously? Says:

    Also, remember there wives usually put in a lot of time for free!

  10. Deacon Says:

    Reply to “Seriously?”

    Usher: Dude, how much Kool-Aid have you been drinking? You’ve got a mustache you’re so far into the punch bowl!

    Deacon: Usher, that’s not nice, stop it!

    Usher: Come on Deak, just havin’ a little fun. This guy really believes this stuff! He doesn’t know that the average prayer time of a pastor is 15 minutes a week and that most of the time, they’re simply diddling about on the internet trying to come up with something for next week. Their sermons substantiate it……

  11. Seriously? Says:

    Have you ever Pastored a church? I am married to a Pastor (who also works a full time job not in the church) He spends atleast 2 hours every evening after coming home from his job working on church relating things and praying. He also stays up the ENTIRE night every Saturday praying and preparing for Sundays service(not using the internet I might add). All day Saturday we work to prepare for Sunday getting bulletins, Sunday school, etc together and PRAYING…much more than 15 minutes I assure you.
    You should definately check your statistics they are very innacurate.
    Most Pastors are men who love people and spend thier lives trying to help people.
    We do it because we feel this is what God has asked us to do with our lives.

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