Early Service (The top 3 “real” reasons)

Usher: Deak, you know the real reasons churches have multiple “services”

Deacon: I would assume to keep from having to build bigger buildings, at least for awhile

Usher: Who you foolin?  The real reasons people have early services are:

1. To keep laiety from killing each other over worship preferences (or killing the pastor for that matter)

2. To coincide with the schedule of the NFL (pastors need a break too you know)

3. Sermon dress-rehearsal/trial run (improvisation is a wonderful thing, especially when you can correct mistakes with it)


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3 Responses to “Early Service (The top 3 “real” reasons)”

  1. Mark R Says:

    This is so true!!!
    You are so good!!!
    And I am beginning to LOVE this site!!!

    1) This is true in Oz

  2. Lionel Woods Says:

    Got anything on Satelitte churches Deac/Ush?

  3. Deacon Says:

    Deacon: As a matter of fact Lionel – check out an earlier post of how a church pastor diverts funds to launch a satellite church


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