Worship or Performance?

Usher: Hey Deak, how can corporate worship be anything but performance?

Deacon: Usher, it’s about the attitude of the heart – one cannot judge one’s heart – only God can

Usher: Yeah, but only the musicians and leaders participate – the congregation simply mouth the words and follow the leader

Deacon: Again Usher, you cannot judge

Usher: Let’s do an experiment Deak, I’ll sing and see if anyone shows up?

Deacon: Usher, you can’t there’d be noone left!

Usher: Proves my point Deak – corporate choreographed worship is performance!


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3 Responses to “Worship or Performance?”

  1. Mark Says:

    Isn’t that OK when it’s the choreography is only done by those we call worship leaders? You know, the ones that are handpicked by God himself. I know there is a verse about worship leaders somewhere in the Bible. Right?

  2. Greg Says:

    Isn’t satire a performance as well? Yet, here it is supposed to serve a good purpose, right?

  3. ProdigalKnot Says:

    Agreed! Choreographed anything is not worship! You can choreograph weddings, funerals and birthday parties, but not worship or praise.

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