We’re just “administers”

Usher: Deacon, If I hear the pastor refer to that scapegoat comment “you’re the ministers, I’m just the administer” one more time, I’m going to fly into the church and do a Mike Tyson on the pastor!

Deacon: Usher, calm down.  What’s wrong with that, he just wants you to know that you’re a minister.

Usher; I give tithe, offerings, volunteer and after all that, he wants us to do more?  What the heck is he here for?  He gets paid and takes the weekend off playing golf while we raise funds for programs he brags about in church on Sunday morning.  Deak, I got a real problem with that.

Deacon: Calm your jets boy, you’re gonna have a coronary


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5 Responses to “We’re just “administers””

  1. Mark Says:

    “I give tithe, offerings, volunteer and after all that, he wants us to do more?”

    Wouldn’t it be better if Christians just took those tithes, offering and volunteer time to minister in the first place instead of funding the club?

  2. Walter P Says:

    Does anyone even read your blog? Truly pathetic.

    If you’ve got issues with the church and the way things are done, why not try to change it. Try joining something and stick to it. My suspicion is that you have tried many churches but can’t find a church without imperfections or run things the way you want things done. Sorry Charlie, the church doesn’t work that way.

    Have a great day! and remember Jesus still loves you, even if you can’t put your name on your work.

    p.s. Of course i put a made up name on this, if you can, why can’t I?

  3. Deacon Says:

    Reality is Walter, if you knew anything about the history of the church, you’d understand that it’s not worth fixing. For hundreds of years people have tried to reform it to no avail. It gets worse and worse. The church you know (the building and social gatherings), did not originate with Christ nor did they operate with the structure we know today.

    They were derived by man and influenced by man and corrupted by man. They’re just another business taking money from people for very little in return. We’ve had over 30 years inside three types of protestant ministries. They all follow the same goofy model because that’s the way it was done and they’ve never questioned it. Not that we have to make good with anyone (cause frankly no one really cares nor has any bearing on our salvation) but this site is read by a lot more people than you think.

    If we raise one question that changes one soul, we’ve done our job. Following Christ isn’t about Sunday morning meetings, performance based worship, fat and dumb pastors living the American Dream and people like you who defend it give it power to continue when you should be questioning it. People are selfish, people are driven by their personal agendas. An institutional framework is too easy to hijack by whichever leader in the group is willing to compromise and lead the lukewarm to their hours worth of justification weekly in exchange for their money.

    Try meeting with real people, no title, no goofy protocol, no rules and see Christ move amongst you. Discover real church. We cannot tell people what to do and we have no solution for any particular church as each of them has their own agenda, doctrine, covering or lack therof. This is why we don’t propose “home church”, “churchless church”, “missional” or any other organization which is pursuing these things. You need to seek that out yourself. Some are right on, many are not. Many don’t have a clue and simply try to start churches because it’s somehow now “cool”. All we can do is help people to question the very things they have come to accept without any validation, due-diligence or substantiation from the Word. It’s time to question and to get back to pursuing why we believe and how to believe and not pick someone we’re comfortable with or a programatic church that “serves us” how we want to be stroked.

    Questioning has become something of which Americans cannot seem to do without being scorned or condemned. Stand up in the middle of a sermon and question your pastor and you’ll find out why. If you can endure the scorn, you’ll grow in Christ. If you cannot, you’ll remain comfortable and complacent. This is why 92% of America confesses to being Christian. Trust me, the majority aren’t Christians in the eyes of Christ.

    So Walter, I hope you enjoy your church, social gatherings and such, but I encourage you to question every aspect and discover Christ outside your secure little four walls of false comfort and security. Most of the rest of the world doesn’t partake of Christ in the western ways we do. Don’t take our word for it, if you don’t believe us, try expanding your research outside the US and Europe and speaking to those who have been working ministry for decades outside the framework we westerners call “church”.

    Church in America is not “the body of Christ”. The only church anyone can associate with in America and in many developed countries is physical and consists of tradition, social rhetoric, false or out-of-contect teachings, and pretty stained glass windows which have nothing to do with one’s relationship with Christ. The only way we’ll ever get to know the church of the New Testament’s first century is to do away with all that did not exist then and that just leaves the people. It does away with the sermons, the tithe, the buildings, the programs, the building funds, the pastoral head, the marketing and don’t forget the politically correct pretty little Michelangelo pictures of his depiction of Christ.

    Got to go – hope you learn to question more and follow the lame leaders less..

    Deacon & Usher

  4. Mark Says:

    Deacon – Good response. Glad to have someone confuse you with me. I’ll take it as a honor.

  5. maya Says:

    What if I’m a total newbie to Christianity? Where do I go?

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