Washing Machines, Treadmills & Septic Systems

Usher: Hey Deak, what did you think about those people in church today talking about their move to Florida?  They seemed to think that because all of their plans worked out for them to move to Florida that it had something to do with God?  I mean it got a little thick in there what with all of their claims of title 5 compliant septic systems, a washer and a treadmill being required by the buyer for their closing and somehow God delivered all of it to them “just in time” at no cost!

Deacon: Spit it out Usher – what’s eatin’ you?

Usher: Why can’t they just come clean and say we’re getting the heck out of here.  It’s too damn cold, the winters suck, we love you guys and all, but quite frankly, not enough to stay!

Deacon: You got a point Usher.  Why don’t you go South?

Usher: I only stay because hot weather means hot roadkill and that means hot feet and I hate hot feet Deak…..


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3 Responses to “Washing Machines, Treadmills & Septic Systems”

  1. Steven Says:

    Steven was here (returning the favor) http://emergingpastor.com/CommentView,guid,99169c50-5c5b-43da-b1f0-82d0f51c724c.aspx#commentstart


  2. Steven Says:

    Steven was here, and returning the favor


  3. fandan Says:

    So, JZ, are you deak or usher?

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