Celebration or Buzzard Beater

Deacon: Hey Usher, I didn’t see you at church yesterday?

Usher: I don’t do first Sundays Deak

Deacon: Why not?

Usher: It’s communion Sunday

Deacon: You got something against communion?

Usher: Not really – it’s the guilty meditating quiet time while you’re waiting – It’s deflating if you know what I mean

Deacon: Communion isn’t about guilt, it’s about celebration

Usher: It’s a buzzard beater for me

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5 Responses to “Celebration or Buzzard Beater”

  1. s.g Says:

    Hey. Thanks for the comment. As to, “without god, anything can be justified.” I don’t believe in afterlife now, and I believe most of my actions are still good. I could steal. Lie. Cheat. Right? But the other point you make is interesting. Don’t really know what I’d do if it was me, two other folks and one meal.

    BTW, You’ve got an interesting blog here….

  2. fandan Says:

    dude…be a man and post your identity. Only cowards hide.


  3. deaconandusher Says:

    Buzzards don’t have last names, they’re not protected species and oh by the way – just what the heck kind of name is “fandan”?

  4. fandan Says:

    We know who you are, JZ. You do have a last name, I see.

    you’re brave from a distance…but can you have some integrity and speak out where you “say” you worship?


  5. Plankman Says:

    What kind of church do you go to? A large one, I’m guessing. What’s the history? The denomination? The theology?

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