Gross Roadkill or Net Roadkill?

Usher: Hey Deak, What’s up?

Deacon: Hi Usher – Just got back from a budget meeting

Usher: How was that? 

Deacon: Always interesting to see how everyone thinks about where the church tithe should go

Usher: Speaking of that Deak, tell me something – Do you tithe off gross or net?

Deacon: Why Gross for sure Usher.  I don’t want to slight God, after all he says first fruits and your very best

Usher: Help me out here Deak, If I get 100 pieces of roadkill, I give 10 to the church (uh,  I mean God), then I have to give 30 to those highway-robbing tax collectors who seem to always take my best roadkill before I ever get it, and that only leaves me 60 pieces of roadkill – how’s a poor buzzard supposed to make roadkill ends meat?

Deacon: God will provide Deak, God will provide,  Gotta fly Usher – keep tithing!

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2 Responses to “Gross Roadkill or Net Roadkill?”

  1. Russell Earl Kelly Says:

    An OT farmer owned 1000 acres and hired 1000 day-laborers to work the land. He also had to furnish the seed. Did he tithe the gross or the net? Did he tithe the gross and his laborers did not tithe anything because the tithe had already been paid?

    Today he wouild have to pay for tractors, barns and gasoline before he could count any increase. Does he tithe gross or net?

    Stupid questions!!! Although money was essential in OT worship it was never included in tithing. Jesus, Peter and Paul would be exempted. And God never used the tithe for OT mision work and did not allow Gentiles to tithe.

    Everythigg has changed. Freewill giving is simple: sacrifiicial, generous, motivated by love for God and love for the lost.

    Author of: Should the Church Teach Tithing?

  2. Plankman Says:

    Check this out, brother:

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