Where o where does my little bit of tithe go?

Usher: Hey Deak – where does all my tithe go?

Deacon:  You don’t need to worry about that Usher – you just need to give so God will bless you

Usher:  Yeah Deak?  I thought I was supposed to be a good steward?  What if God comes down and asks me if I gave my 10% to a worthy cause?

Deacon:  Like He’s going to do that.  So what’s your real question?

Usher: Well Deak, I’ve been thinking.  If my tithe goes to the church and the church spends nearly all its money on salaries, programs and utilities to keep buildings warm or cold for an hour a week, is there anything left for the lost?  And if so, what do we do for them?

Deacon: We do summer missions and give some of it to the food pantry

Usher: But Deak, every time one of those things comes up – pastor asks me to give more – above and beyond my tithe…how come Deak?

Deacon: Usher – gotta run to a committe meeting, pray about it…


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