50 tons of spin…..

Deacon:  Hey Usher, saw you over on the Interstate Saturday night.  What you up to?

Usher:  I was huntin’ for some extra for the 50 ton project.

Deacon:  Yes Usher – did you give?

Usher:  I did Deak, and then I heard about the surplus.  Did you know they collected $75,000 over the project goal?

Deacon:  I did.  The pastor suggested we buy another building from some poor group who couldn’t make it work

Usher:  Just what is that all about?  I heard he used the state attorney as justification to persuade everyone to vote for it and to grow the membership ranks as well. 

Deacon:  Usher, how could you?  Are you accusing the pastor of manipulating the body?

Usher:  Yep, you could say that.  What has giving food got to do with buying another building?

Deacon:  It’s furthering the body – you know – growing the kingdom

Usher:  Deak – you gotta stop all that rhetoric and tell me just why we need another building.  Every time we turn around, I’m being asked to put money up for more stuff.  Just how bloody much money does it take to satisfy the elders?

Deacon: Usher, you’re quite the disgruntled bird today….what’s really in your craw?

Usher: I thought we were out to help the poor and hungry, now we’re using the surplus to start another church – so we can dole out more money to heat the second church for an hour a week?  I’m having a hard time putting all this in perspective.

Deacon: Usher, you’ll just have to trust the pastor, after all he’s ordained and annointed……

Usher: Annointed in a bunch of controversy as I see it Deak…


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One Response to “50 tons of spin…..”

  1. lionelwoods7 Says:

    Very nice my friend. Very nice indeed! But sadly true!

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